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Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial – Tips to Retire in Riches


Kenneth Bracket and Lighthouse Financial have helped umpteen numbers of people manage their financial life. Whether you’re living from paycheck to paycheck or have a million bucks in savings, you need to plan your finances. When it comes to money matters, those who fail to plan – plan to fail.


“Retiring, uh, me?”


This is a common reaction from people who are years away from their retirement. As they earn more they spend more. They should find out more about Lighthouse Financial. Many are caught up in the details of everyday life and think less about their retirement than their next vacation. If you fall into this category, spare a few moments to think about your retirement. It’s that phase of life when earned income stops and investment returns must take over. If you don’t plan early enough, you may  have to work much later than you would like!


Make sure your king-size life right now does not convert into a pauper’s life later! Financial companies like Lighthouse Financial exist to ensure that your finances run on track always. Even if they have gone off-track, advisors like Ken Brackett do their best to bring them back to their normal. But this happens when you believe in financial planning and put an effort towards it. This has to be a joint effort between you and your financial coach if we are to have a comfortable life after retirement.


Sowing Seeds for a Comfortable Retirement


Your income right now is the most useful tool to plan for retirement. Ask Kenneth Brackett and you’ll know the value of your monthly paycheck. It has the power to provide for you in your later years. If you are planning for a long and healthy retirement, you have to keep your spending habits in check. This will include but is not limited to: home repairs, home mortgage, taxes, loans, credit card debts, and other debts in your working life. Having control over your debt will give you peace of mind in retirement.


You do not want your retirement funds to get exhausted in paying debts that you’d have easily paid in your youth. It’s not necessary to live with debts after retirement. This indicates that we did not live within our means and that we did not properly plan for the golden years of our life. Companies like Lighthouse Financial are waiting to provide you valuable retirement planning tips; you only need to take the first step and contact them.


What if you wish to go on a vacation after retirement? You may have a bucket list for after you retire. Your home may need renovation in those years. What if you wish to simply celebrate life after having spent years of working hard? You need funds for all this. Consider this too: many of the clients that we meet with do not want to be dependant on their children. Life has its share of twists and turns; a smart person will plan ahead so that they will have resources to fall back on. Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial can help you get there.


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